Scheduling: We make every attempt to accommodate customer schedules for repairs and fabrication. However, our goal is to create the best quality work possible and to satisfy the customer with the end result. When the decision is made to begin the work an estimated time frame is given, and we communicate to any sub-contractors immediately to allow for optimal scheduling of their own.  Please let us know in advance if you are committed to deadlines for shows or tours, so that we can openly discuss the reality of meeting that time commitment.

Billing: We bill on a monthly basis for ongoing projects. For short-term repairs or fabrications we bill when the work is completed. Our invoices are based on time and materials and all work is carefully logged daily. Because additional work is often revealed as the automobile is disassembled, it is difficult to give a full estimate prior to starting repairs, but we will do our best to provide a range of cost.

We handle the ordering of all parts, materials, and deal directly with the few carefully selected sub-contractors we use.  We purchase from the most reputable vendors in the trade. We do bill for timely research and for writing estimates for insurance companies if we do not do the repair.

The customer will receive a detailed account of the work performed on each invoice. Payments not made upon completed segments of the work will stop the process and the automobile or project will be placed in storage where it will accrue a monthly storage fee. Our goal is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship while maintaining a fair and honest relationship with our customer. The restoration or repair of your vehicle should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Accountability: We are a business  with a highly regarded reputation and appropriately insured; however, all vehicles in our possession for work or storage must also be adequately insured by the owner.

Privacy Policies: Richard Mullin Coachbuilding encourages customers to visit their projects so they get a full view of the process.  We know many customers enjoy seeing the project as it unfolds and images are always made available to the customer upon request.

We sincerely respect the privacy of our customers. No pictures of vehicles will be put on our website without full permission of the owner. No visitors to the shop are allowed to take photographs of vehicles or projects without permission.