Richard Mullin Coachbuilding

Richard Mullin Coachbuilding previously located in Malvern, PA and now in a brand new building in Downingtown, PA, is unique because we offer traditional body restoration skills. Unlike modern automotive repair our objective is maintaining the authenticity and value of the vehicles by utilizing traditional skills with aid of vintage tools and equipment, such as the English Wheel and Power Hammer. We specialize in complete and partial restorations and are fully equipped to repair or fabricate virtually every aspect of the body and chassis of your vehicle.

Our approach to each automobile, whether it is a model of the early 20th century or a modern exotic, is one of matching the appropriate technique and materials to that particular vintage. In this way we create an authentic repair and maintain or even elevate the automobile’s value.

Our new business location continues our 13 years in Malvern and with over 50 years of experience in the industry we value our diversity of skills, taking on unique challenges and striving to meet the personalized goals of each owner. With an established reputation of very high standards and attention to detail and authenticity, Richard Mullin Coachbuilding remains committed to our customers and the conservation and preservation of their prized vintage vehicles.