It’s all about the process

We understand that authenticity can be critical to many automobile enthusiasts. Richard Mullin Coachbuilding is unique in that all body repairs and fabrication are done in house utilizing equipment and techniques that were original to that vintage vehicle.

By correcting problems utilizing the original methodology we maintain a cost efficient and proper repair or fabrication that will only be beneficial to the preservation and conservation of the vehicle. Our company has a wide selection of vintage machinery that allows us to re-create parts by various techniques established over the last 100 years of coachbuilding.

We remain committed to the integrity of the vehicle and specialize in accuracy and exactness in panel fabrication. No plastic fillers are used to compensate for indiscretions in the panels. Richard Mullin has a reputation for attention to detail and exactness. In our continued effort to educate we have summarized the machinery and the techniques used to create complete and partial automobile bodies.