Complete and Partial Restorations: Richard Mullin Coachbuilding performs complete restorations from body to chassis, mechanical and upholstery. All metal work is done in house as well as the detail, paint and assembly. We have a long time affiliation with an award winning upholsterer and mechanical subcontractors, each one dealing with specific marques. The combined effort of such uniquely talented craftsmen culminates in the finest  restorations.

Panel Fabrication: All body panels are fabricated in house using methodology to the Marque being restored. Our skill with metals is diverse and encompasses a variety of alloys. We are highly experienced in aluminum, steel, brass, stainless, and nickel alloys.

Porsche Carrera Completed Front End.

Chassis Fabrication: We are fully capable of fabrication and repair of a vintage chassis from space frame to unitized structure in varying alloy materials. We have a chassis bench/surface plate with three- dimensional measuring capabilities and accurate fixtures to create uniform dimensions.

Metal/Lead Finishing: We pride ourselves in producing panels finished to a high degree requiring no plastic fillers. This sets us apart from many other shops. In keeping with traditional skills,  steel body structures are often lead finished to produce exacting fits of panels. This detail ensures correct flow and gaps.

Welding Repairs: We take on welding challenges  many shops will not. We weld aluminum castings and repair numerous metal alloys. Our resources range from traditional oxy acetylene, TIG welding, MIG welding and high pressure resistance spot welding.

Wooden Body Structure Repair and Construction: Keeping with traditional coachbuilding skills, we are highly experienced in the fabrication and repair of vintage wooden body framing. Only the highest quality white ash is used combined with new hardware and advanced bonding materials. This advanced bonding technology is used to provide a strong structure that is still able to move with changing climate and road use.

Vintage Radiator Restoration and Fabrication: Our vintage radiator restoration is quite varied. We can supply and install authentic cartridge (honeycomb) style, film style, V Sell, and modern R type radiator (tube) cores. Specializing in various materials from brass, copper, German silver, and stainless steel, we can repair and replicate all styles of vintage radiators using original techniques and equipment.
All radiators are metal finished and can be supplied with raw, painted, polished or plated surfaces. With our innovative in house capabilities we are often able to install modern high efficiency cores in vintage radiators to help accommodate retro-fitted air conditioning.

Detailing and Car Show Preparation: We perform comprehensive detailing including: sanding and polishing damaged and aged paint; cleaning and touching-up/refinishing engine bay and undercarriage; polishing or re-plating bright work; replacement of or re-plating authentic hardware; reproducing factory labels and inspection stamps and rejuvenating old leather and out sourcing repairs as needed. Every attempt is made to make all items authentic. The extent of  the detailing process can range from general preparation to winning car show prominence.  Richard Mullin’s insistence on the highest quality of detailing have produced awards at such prestigious venues as Radnor Hunt Concours, RROC National Meets, AACA, CCCA, Pebble Beach, Cavallino, Boca Raton Concours, Amelia Island, amongst others.